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Jewellery and fictile creations presented here have been my raison d'ětre for over 20/30 years.

The perfection of workmanship and respect for the customers' expectations have resulted in a few hundreds of metal jewellery designs, which make women all over the world feel classy and self-confident. Simple yet sophisticated jewellery is a timeless token of a classical ornament.

I design and produce unique works of art to order. If you wish to present someone else with a unique gift, I can design such that will reflect the personality of the addressee and the message from the addresser. I, Mietal Gryza, am for myself a very demanding customer, and my passion is accepting any kind of a challenge!

My works live their little but powerfully malleable lives in countless places around the world, in both public and private space. The leading idea states that beauty is supposed to enrapture and encourage us to work. I show my vision of beauty in metal, wood, leather, rubber, asphalt... Be it either when creating a feather-light, yet gigantic bell, or a tiny figure that dangles above one of Poznan’s busiest pedestrian walks and watches people pass by, my passion is to enthrall and bewitch!

The cactus photographed on my previous web page, is my attempt to freeze in time and in metal a gift my friend gave me a long time ago. Against all odds, the plant has grown bigger, and keeps growing. Faced with such marvelous vitality, my fear is set in metal… The fun thing is that, just like any other instrument, one can “play” the cactus! Check it out! What is more, while I am sound asleep, I am told that the tiny cactus-folk get busy tidying my workshop and polishing my tools…

I am fulfilled as an artist and a craftsman.

Check me out.

tel. +48 61 853 48 56